Single Family Residence Management

As the Pennsylvania real estate market booms, many Philadelphia residents are putting their properties up for rent. There are many benefits to this venture, including potential tax benefits, increased cash flow, appreciation over time, and the flexibility to sell. However, these benefits are only viable if you find ways to mitigate the risk that are involved in managing your own property.

While some home owners feel comfortable managing their property, others aren’t comfortable navigating these complications and seek a local property management group. Red Hook Construction Group offers a variety of services to Philadelphia home owners who are seeking assistance renting their property.


Red Hook advertises your property through a variety of local Philadelphia media sources. We offer listings on our website, Craigslist, and and can create custom signs to advertise your property if you are comfortable with that method. We understand that every property has specific advertising needs and we strive to exceed your expectations.

Tenant Screening and Selection

Finding reliable and long term tenants is critical for many single family residence owners. We carefully screen your tenant selection and conduct thorough reference checks through former landlords, employers, and credit and background reports. The final say is always up to you, unless you choose to leave the decision in our hands.

Rent Collection

We will collect the monthly rent each month and make sure that it is deposited in your business account. We know that rent collection can be frustrating if you are dealing with a delinquent renter, so we take that off your hands. You will never need to deal with an uncomfortable confrontation; Red Hook’s property management team will handle the details.

Property Repairs and Maintenance

Damages to your property are never neglected when you choose Red Hook Construction Group for your Philadelphia property management needs. We will respond quickly and efficiently to any maintenance and repair work that is needed. We will also investigate who is responsible for any damages that occur, and bill the tenant if they are responsible.

Red Hook Construction Group is locally based in Philadelphia with a service area that extends across Pennsylvania. We strive to minimize any liabilities and maximize your return on your property investment. With quick and courteous customer service and professional care from our property managers, you’re in good hands. Call us today at PHONE NUMBER to schedule an appointment.

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